We need investors for our Unique Tech Start ups! Invest in Innovation!

Training8m Corporate Technologies Pty Ltd


We are looking for capital funding from Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity Investors, Angel Investors, Corporate and Institutional Investors, High Net Worth Private and Individual Investors, Group of Private Equity Investors

Location of Business: Head Quartered in Gold Coast, Australia

The Business:

BPAYNET International Payment Gateway


Global Premium and Moderated Recruitment Portal

Recruitment Portal 3 Jobs 6

Global Premium and Moderated Recruitment Social Networking

Search Engines 3 Social Media 2

International Advertising and Marketing Portal

Mobile internet advertising 1

Management Consulting


Luxury Hospitality


What we want

After a Research and Development Phase which took more than a decade, we are entering the market with a powerful foray in Information Technology and Software Engineering, Corporate Training, Luxury Hospitality.

We are looking our start up to get funded and then launch an IPO for our group expansion activities. Enhancement of capital will be the exit strategy

We are looking at start up funding from $ 30 M immediately. Further for augmentation of capital we are looking at $ 300 M in capital debt financing / equity financing and listing of our group on Major Global Stock Exchanges. The third round of funding for going global we are looking at $ 450 M in capital debt financing. Equity funding for Working capital, General Corporate Purposes, Acquisitions, Pass Though, Reverse Mergers or Takeovers

The Mergers and Acquisitions: Software and Information Technology companies, top Management Consulting Companies, Luxury Hospitality Chain and a good takeover targets

Our Promise to Investors: Best Returns with lowest possible risk in start up ventures, secured long term assured returns with Equity / options. Minimum 15% plus equity and options

Contact: investors@training8m.com



Shrikant G. Shete

Managing Director and CEO,

Training8m Corporate Technologies Pty Ltd,

Gold Coast, QLD – 4215


“Proudly Australian”


Mobile internet advertising 1 IPG5 IPG20 IPG21 Recruitment Portal 3 Jobs 6 Search Engines 3 THE PATIO Mobile internet advertising 1


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